Scraps – Secret Paradise – 7″


Critical Heights release yet another great pop single, this time from Brisbane’s enigmatic synth pop songstress Scraps (AKA Laura Hill). The 7 inch single Secret Paradise was premiered on Radio One when Huw Stephens featured Critical Heights as his Label of Love. Scraps has been acclaimed by the likes of Vice magazine, who said: Although it is pretty apparent Laura has a tight clench on what makes a pop song shine, it’s not all rainbow pillow cases in the world of Scraps. Hill’s entirely electronically composed music is as caked with pregnant intrigue and damaged beauty as an attic-found crazy glued together figurine. Laura wears her obsession with 80s synth rock on her sleeve, citing The Human League, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Flock of Seaguls, OMD, Gary Numan and Devo as influences. The 80s loom large in her subject matter as well. Lead track 1982 is a love/tribute song to all the machines that didn’t get the girl in movies like Short Circuit and Electric Dreams, where the machines are much more interesting than the men.

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