Snowblink – Long Live – CD


Snowblink’s debut album Long Live is available on CD / LP / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD on Fire Records.

Gesundheit uses the imagery of deer felling their antlers, of bulbs taking a winter to finally push through the soil, of erosion, of the unfathomable size of grey whales, of the folded fingers of patience being a nest to birds, of a road paved over undertow, of tired bees, of opened oysters, of leaves going from green to gone without ever turning colour, of frosts thawing to describe the way human relationships weather with time. Through her eyes we see nature and natural landscapes with human figures– broken, vibrant, bereaved, or ecstatic– in the foreground.
What results is a tribute album of sorts — a tribute to the people in our lives that pass on, one way or another, and to the roaring natural landscape of California.

“Snowblink offers shadowy folk-pop with hints of Animal Collective and old Phil Spector sides.”

This native Toronto outfit offered Aeolians a pithy set of quirky and quaint,nature-inspired numbers guilty of warming ones soul and moving one to whimsy. Plucking a guitar equipped with deer antlers, lead singer Daniela Gesundheit showcased her sparrows trill while partner, Dan Misha Goldman, filled in the gaps. The duos second air, Rut and Nuzzle, exhibited soft Feistian vocal lines punctuated by a hooky bird-watchers call and employed the front row of the audience in ringing a long string of bells at the precise moment. —The London Gazette

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