The Bevis Frond – Sprawl 2LP

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1994’s ‘Sprawl’, originally released on Woronzow, features Nick with Jimmy Hastings (flute), Tony Aldridge (violin) and Andy Ward on drums. Vocals here were provided by Ade Shaw, Dean Carter and Mick Donovan along with Current 93’s David Tibet guesting with spoken word on the spiritual ‘Right On (hippy dream)’. Hypnotic 12 minute psych piece ‘Awake’ is interspersed with instrumentals and the grungy guitars of ‘The Puller’ are offset by Aldridge’s strings. The tenth studio album release in less than a decade since and ‘Sprawl’ – once again – demonstrates Nick’s immeasurable song writing power.

‘Sprawl’ is released on double vinyl and double CD. The double CD features bonus material including ‘Sister John’ (1997) previously released on split single with Sandoz Lime on Distortion Records, ‘Dry Rain’ (1996) from the Terrascope Benefit album ‘Succour’, ‘The Illegall Raffling Of The Equator’ from limited edition release ‘The Long Stuff’ for The Bevis Frond community webpage (2003), tracks from cassette only release ‘Vaultscan Vol 1’ (1997) and more.

The Second disc of the 'Sprawl CD contains 8 bonus tracks.


  1. I Know We’re Going
  2. Awake!
  3. Innerwheel
  4. 41 Years
  5. Love You More
  6. The Puller
  7. Oh Gideon
  8. 74/GinghamRag
  9. Right On (Hippie Dream)
    1. CD2

    2. Boa Constrictor
    3. Remember Me
    4. I Bought My Love A Lapdog
    5. Madrigal
    6. New Alexandria
    7. Anodyne/See You
    8. Sister John
    9. Dry Rain
    10. Melmex Hill
    11. Untogether
    12. Christmas Eve
    13. Three Mile Wall
    14. Hard Life
    15. The Illegal Raffling Of The Equator

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