The Chills – Molten Gold – 7″


Last year’s first sneak peak at new material from The Chills in over a decade heralded the return of one of New Zealand’s most beloved bands. Originally released only digitally, the track ‘Molten Gold’ will be made available as a 7″ single in July on Fire Records with an extra-special b-side – a reworking of The Chills’ classic ‘Pink Frost’.

The Chills are a band from Dunedin, New Zealand fronted by the rare talent of Martin Phillipps. Originally formed in 1980, The Chills had a revolving cast of band members with Phillipps remaining the only constant. His knack for writing fantastic pop songs led to chart hits back home and a cult following around the world.

‘Molten Gold’ was released to coincide with Phillipps’ 50th birthday, ladling his stirring vocal over chiming guitars and spring-breeze-fresh-sounding strings, this is quintessential Chills and a reinvigorated return to form for the indie luminaries who propelled the much celebrated ‘Dunedin Sound’

‘Pink Frost’ was originally recorded in 1982 and has been performed at nearly every gig that the band has played since then. It is a unique piece of music and it has always changed and evolved over the years as the various line-ups of the band have approached it in subtly different ways. The current line-up of The Chills has been stable for many years now and with the band realising that ‘Pink Frost’ had recently become something different and distinct again, it felt right to capture it once more in the studio – with tremendous results.

As Martin himself comments:
“At the end of the day, it’s my composition and I can record it as many times as I choose to! It is by no means meant to replace that very special original recording but it will sit proudly alongside it as one of the many approaches that could be taken with this most evocative and atmospheric song. I hope people will enjoy it in the spirit of it being a fresh and alternative companion piece to that original marvelous moment in time captured on tape many years ago.”

The Chills are: Martin Phillipps (Guitar/Vox), James Dickson (Bass/Backing Vocals), Todd Knudson (Drums/Backing Vocals), Erica Stichbury (Violin/Backing Vocals), Oli Wilson (Keyboards/Backing Vocals)

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