Tom Greenwood – Maybelle – 7″


A collaboration between Tom Greenwood, Joanne Robertson and David Cunningham. This EP was formed from an inspired evening session of improvising and recording in London in June 2008, at the brick lane studio of David Cunningham. The three musicians were woking together on a performance event at the ICA in London that week, and took the opportunity to try tracking some songs together. Maybelle is based, lyrically, on two Texas prison work songs- Drop ‘Em Down (David Tippet and group, 1966) and Believe I’ll Call the Rider (J. C. Spring and group, 1966) Metal Rims is an improvised instrumental from the same session. Both songs combine the guitar playing of Greenwood and Robertson, with the processing and editing of Cunningham. Composing live as a group, they tap into the fragile structures of improvising, and strengthen the pieces with live editing and processing. Joanne Roberston A folk musician from Blackpool, now based in London. Joanne has released one solo album and was with the experimental band ‘I Love Lucy’. David Cunningham Multi-media artist working in both music and visual art including installations, film and dance pieces. Tom Greenwood Multi-instrumentalist and leader of Jackie-O-Motherfucker Maybelle was released as a CDR in an edition of 30 on the night of the ICA event. Now finding it’s way to 7″ vinyl release by fire records.

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