Virginia Wing – Red Sails – 7″


“The reiteration of every profound feeling. A gentle push into an internal world. The evocation of a lifetime of memories rather than a knowing nod toward a diminutive era. ” Formed in early 2012, Virginia Wings initial desire was to play and record as quickly as possible but they soon realised a more considered approach was necessary if the band was to be at all fulfilling. Combining the talents of Alice Merida Richards, Samuel Pillay, Emma Wigham and Sebastian Truskolaski, Virginia Wing made their debut 7 inch with their friend

Misha Hering at Holy Mountain Studios.

With a knack of making their songs sound like essential forgotten classics, Virginia Wing create thrillingly crafted pop tunes that exist within that time honoured dialogue between the popular and the avant-garde. Their sound veers from the minimalist post punk of Young Marble Giants, to the twisted 60s psych bliss of Arthur Lee and Love and the Radiophonic Workshop inspired cinematic krautpop of Broadcast. Red Sails is due to be released via Critical Heights on 6 May.

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