Record Store Day 2020 releases Out Today

For the last Record Store Day of 2020 we have The Lemonheads’ Deluxe 30th Anniversary Edition of ‘Lovey’ with expanded liner notes and unseen photos, also available to buy from our shop on Double CD Deluxe Edition Bookback.

We are also releasing, in partnership with Lakeshore Records, the original soundtrack to Charlie Kaufman’s 2009’s movie ‘Synecdoche New York’ starring the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, scored by the uniquely eclectic Jon Brion.

Lastly, we have Bardo Pond’s critically revered space rock masterpiece, 2003’s ‘On The Ellipse’ and The Bevis Frond’s limited editions of ‘Valedictory Songs’ and ‘What Did For The Dinosaurs’, reissued for the first time since their original releases.

Visit your local indie record shop, or visit their website, to purchase these special releases.


30th Anniversary Edition Reissue 2LP Deluxe Book Repackaged with Expanded Liner Notes and Unseen Photos.

Deluxe 30th anniversary edition of The Lemonheads ‘Lovey’, this double LP deluxe book with expanded liner notes and unseen photos is the definitive document of Dando’s first steps towards the mainstream. Lovingly repackaged and remastered it’s accompanied by second vinyl ‘Triple J Live at the Wireless’ from their legendary 1991 trip to Australia.


★★★★ Uncut


Limited Edition White Vinyl


The soundtrack to Charlie Kaufman’s 2009 cult movie Synecdoche New York starring the late Philip Seymour Hoffman is released for the first time on white vinyl.

A story of time-elapsing paranoia where weeks, months, years go by as the repetitive blur overtakes.

Scored by the uniquely eclectic Jon Brion (Magnolia, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Lady Bird, etc) it’s a super-detailed drama with as suitably reflective, melancholy, and contemplative soundtrack.

He (Brion) discusses popular music with the reverence and concern of a cultural historian eager to preserve a legacy at risk of extinction, but one whose own contributions to the form have continued to ensure its survival

Vanity Fair


Limited Edition Double Purple Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve

A critically revered space rock masterpiece, 2003’s ‘On The Ellipse’ is reissued on double purple vinyl for this year’s Record Store Day.

Originally released on ATP Recordings, these songs take you on a deeply hypnotic cosmic mind-expanding trip from the beguiling heavy riffs of ‘Night Of The Frogs’ to the psych-folk of ‘Walking Clouds’.

Similar to Janis Joplin fronting Acid Mothers Temple buried underneath a fog of dense instrumentation



Limited Edition Double Black Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve

Recorded in Gold Dust Studios with a new sense of optimism and a fuller sound down to lots of extra energy (Nick believed it might be their last ever record) and the addition of piano and keyboards brings an instrumental direction.

With former Hawkwind bassist Adrian Shaw and Ex-Marrillion tub-thumper Andy Ward, the album – some 72 minutes of poetic majesty; super chunky in places, silkily soft elsewhere – is a smorgasbord of melodies, from tear-jerking beauty to maximum riffage (with added guitarist Bari Watts on ‘Can’t Feel It’).

Reissued on double LP for the first time since 2000, lovingly packaged in a gatefold sleeve.

As a rock songwriter, Saloman is simply unstoppable



Limited Edition Double Black Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve

Back in the day, Record Collector enthused and mentioned “’Burnt Weenie Sandwich’ era Zappa”, “The Pretty Things” and “Byrds with attitude”. The set, some 70 minutes-plus closes with a 14-minute prog rock corker and in between; there’s the usual Frondisms – Beatles-esque couplets, minor chord progressions, Bond-esque echo, folk rock masterclasses, baroque pop and all the well-thumbed pages of the psych pop song book.

Originally released in 2002, two years after Valedictory Songs, The Bevis Frond returned with a more progressive sound with complex structures and instrumentation. Bursting with their trademark guitar licks, impeccable songwriting and a more upbeat sound.

Available on Double Vinyl for the first time ever, lovingly packaged in a gatefold sleeve.

A staggering 16 slices of his trademark psych-pop in the manner of sprawling Bevis Frond classics like 1991’s ‘New River Head’

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