Record Store Day 2023 releases: The Groundhogs, Bardo Pond, Giant Sand, Pere Ubu, Come and many more

Revealing this year’s list… Record Store Day 2023 sees Fire Records, Earth Recordings, Call Of The Void and AFAR releasing a selection of stunning vinyl. All of these LPs will be available to buy at your favourite independent record shops on Saturday 22nd April. No pre-orders, no online orders… all in person, at your handy local record store.

See below for full details on our 2023 releases and check Record Store Day’s website for more info.

Record Store Day Website

Bardo Pond – Peel Sessions
The Bevis Frond – Hit Squad
Born Heller – Born Heller
Come – Gently Down The Stream
Giant Sand – Center Of The Universe
The Groundhogs – Crosscut Saw
Half Japanese – The Band That Would Be King
The Jazz Butcher – Dr Chomondley Repents: A Sides, B-Sides and Seasides
Pere Ubu – Raygun Suitcase
Pearls Before Swine – Balaklava
Pearls Before Swine – One Nation Underground
Bert Jansch – Toy Balloon
Bert Jansch – When The Circus Comes To Town
The Nightingales – Out Of True
Maria McKee – Late December


Bardo Pond ‘Peel Sessions’

Never released material from the band’s 2001 and 2004 BBC Peel Sessions, a unique insight into the band’s development. Bardo Pond let it all go in their ideal live setting, morphing and expanding their beautiful drone-rock compositions.

Artwork designed and created by Michael Gibbons of the band.


The Groundhogs ‘Crosscut Saw’

Available for the first time on vinyl since 1976, pressed on silver wax and featuring a limited edition foil embossed sleeve with extensive liner notes.

Crosscut Saw sees the reformed Groundhogs with second guitarist Dave Wellbelove, sparring with the legendary Tony McPhee. “Musically I’d gone back to the basics,” McPhee told Sounds, the addition of a doodle of synth and a second guitarist notwithstanding. As a result; “Riffs galore permeate.” (AllMusic). A suitably explosive prog-pleasing follow up to 1992’s ‘Who Will Save The World’ and ‘Hogwash’ rekindling the fire of the blues in a new, heavy progressive setting, all set for a new guitar-powered age.


Giant Sand ‘Center Of The Universe’

Expanded double LP edition of the early ‘90s Giant Sand gem, including a second previously unreleased disc featuring live recordings from Sub Pop’s Vermonstrous Festival, 1992.

With new liner notes and commentary from Howe Gelb. An everyday tale of answering machines, petroglyphs and a Takamine guitar; true stories from Joshua Tree: “Another fascinating set of desert-fried rock ‘n’ roll, serving up one winner after another.” AllMusic.

A masterpiece of psychedelic desert-rock, a spiritual cousin to the Meat Puppets’ ‘Up On The Sun’ and Kyuss’s ‘Sky Valley’.


Pere Ubu ‘Raygun Suitcase’

Raygun Suitcase is a further rewriting of everything you expect from modern music.

Available for the first time on vinyl, Pere Ubu’s Raygun Suitcase is pressed on limited edition white vinyl and features updated artwork.

In 1995, after thumbing a nose at tradition, allegedly not arty enough for the artisans and too old for a new generation of “rock” fans, Pere Ubu re-invented the mainstream (again) and carved graffiti on the expectations of the alternative cognoscenti with an album that was “as effective as ever in the brooding atmosphere department.” The Independent.


Come ‘Gently Down The Stream’

Lovingly re issued on double vinyl for the first time since 1998 with new liner notes. Come’s final chapter sees Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw at their peak, refining their incredible blend of dissonant blues and cathartic noise-rock heightened by the intricate guitar dual-play and the added melody that permeates the songwriting.


Pearls Before Swine ‘One Nation Underground’

Double LP expanded re-issue of Pearls Before Swine’s classic debut, plus unreleased extras, including demos, rehearsals and alternative versions. With faithfully recreated original sleeve and extensive notes, all created in collaboration with the Tom Rapp Estate.

The psychedelic-folk debut from “one of the most erudite, literate minds in rock… a stunning piece of work, from the nightmarish sleeve art – the “Hell Panel” from Hieronymus Bosch’s 15th century painting “Garden Of Delights” – to the strange yet powerful songs.” AllMusic

“From moody, poetic gems to the anger and intensity of the bitter anti-war anthem, ‘Uncle John’. Fiercely unique and individual sounding.” Goldmine


Pearls Before Swine ‘Balaklava’

Double LP expanded re-issue of Pearls Before Swine’s follow up to One Nation Underground, plus a second disc of unreleased extras including demos, rehearsals and alternative versions.  With a faithfully recreated original sleeve and extensive notes, produced in collaboration with the Tom Rapp Estate.

“The near-brilliant follow-up intended as a defiant condemnation of the Vietnam War, it doesn’t offer anthemic, fist-pounding protest songs. Instead, Tom Rapp vented his anger through surrealist poetry, irony, and historical reference.” AllMusic

 “A high of psychedelic delicacy and deceptive urgency, one of his masterpieces.” Rolling Stone


The Nightingales ‘Lost Person’s Area’

Out Of True, the shock comeback album by the Nightingales, was originally released more than a decade after Robert Lloyd’s strange major label foray.

Spread across two LPs, with over an hour of banging tunes, this is an essential piece of the band’s history and is packaged with liner notes from Robert Lloyd and a bonus download of the “What’s Not To Love” EP.


Maria McKee ‘Late December’

First time on vinyl for the gorgeous ‘Late December’, with a second LP featuring rare recordings from her Live Acoustic LA tour in 2006, includes new liner notes.

A panoramic view of life, love and loss filled with drama and theatricality. Plus a live set bringing together songs from Lone Justice, plus covers of ‘The World Is Not My Home’, Richard Thompson’s ‘Has He Got A Friend For Me’ and three songs that show the bittersweet beauty of her brother Bryan MacLean’s song writing.