RVG, Vanishing Twin, Kristin Hersh and THALA have landed on Rough Trade’s Best Albums Of The Year

Rough Trade have revealed their selection of Best Albums Of The Year and we’re pleased to see RVG’s acclaimed album ‘Brain Worms’, Vanishing Twin’s astonishing album ‘Afternoon X’, Kristin Hersh’s long awaited album ‘Clear Pond Road’  and THALA’s first EP for Fire ‘In Theory Depression’.

Read the complete list below.

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#20 RVG – Brain Worms

A pivotal record for contemporary times; bright, free, adamant, optimistic. Brain Worms is RVG’s fullest, most pristine album yet.  All throughout Brain Worms, it’s apparent that this is a band in very fine form. They’ve moved past their influences, pushed themselves, and tried new things. And they have made a record they can, by all accounts, call their best.

Rough Trade will also have the exclusive ‘Nothing Really Changes (Remix EP)’  12”.

#43 Vanishing Twin – Afternoon X

Exploring decidedly experimental territories, Vanishing Twin find themselves at the hypnotic juncture of minimalism, kosmiche, post-punk and dream-laden, psychedelic pop.  A playful balance of humour and rigour, these fluttering abstractions are culled, collaged and built from a constellation of instruments, samples and unclaimed sources.

#60 Kristin Hersh – Clear Pond Road

A cinematic road trip; a series of personal vignettes from a fiercely independent auteur, sitting plush with layers of all-consuming strings and mellotron. Clear Pond Road is a life-affirming statement, a further part of the jigsaw, a very personal memoir, from street signs to snapshots; a late blossoming and coming-of-age from a true icon of independence.

#68 THALA – In Theory Depression

Deeply personal explorations of the self in vivid ‘90s revival indie-rock. From the dazzling soundscapes of Mazzy Star to the bittersweet pop of Juliana Hatfield. Finding strength in her vulnerability, In Theory Depression is THALA’s sharpest, boldest work yet.

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RVG ‘Brain Worms’



Contender for the best indie-rock album of 2023



Vanishing Twin ‘Afternoon X’



Even in its most obscure moments, Afternoon X embodies a lively sense of exploratory wonder



Kristin Hersh ‘Clear Pond Road’



The most perfectly pitched solo album from Hersh yet.

The Wire


THALA ‘In Theory Depression’



Jarringly honest... Blissful.