Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Announce Free Entry London Show 12th November!

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After a busy day yesterday, with a session at Radio X, a Rough Trade East in-store AND a packed out show at Stoke Newington’s Waiting Room, Aussie slackers Scott & Charlene’s Wedding have just announced a new London show which is also FREE ENTRY! It’s at Camden’s Lock Tavern and will take place on the 12th November.  More Details here

25 Oct: Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Netherlands
27 Oct: Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
28 Oct: dB’s, Utrecht, Netherlands
29 Oct: London Calling Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
30 Oct: Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany
31 Oct: Monarch, Berlin, Germany
01 Nov: Underdogs Ballroom & Bar, Prague, Czech Republic
03 Nov: Il Casotto, Lugano, Switzerland
05 Nov: Sala Maravillas, Madrid, Spain
06 Nov: Nebula, Pamplona, Spain
08 Nov: Dabadaba, San Sebastian, Spain
09 Nov: Le Sonic, Lyon, France
10 Nov: Supersonic, Paris, France
11 Nov: Sticky Mikes Frog Bar, Brighton, UK

These nine tracks strut with the carefree off-kilter charm of Jonathan Richman or Lou Reed and the same kind of raw, rugged romanticism.. A true gem that deserves the attention that famous episode recieved all those years ago”Record Collector

There is a minimalist anit-folk vibe to Dermody’s songs.. muttering merrily through call-and-response lo-fi VU-addled gems ‘Distracted’ or ‘Bush’ where he ponders life from the outbackUncut

“… the execution for his frustration is point perfect– his sleepily conversational vocals fold into his sunny, jangling guitars seamlessly” Pitchfork

Scott And Charlene’s Wedding continue with third album ‘Mid Thirties Single Scene’ out now on Fire Records.

Returning to Melbourne following a year of touring, with stints in New York and London and a trip globetrotting, three years have passed since a new SACW record dropped. Now into his thirties Craig Dermody continues to deal with the banalities of everyday life with his straight talking reflections on home life, keeping up the pace and missed opportunities – all encased with his usual contempt.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding’s Craig Dermody is the voice of a generation, it just so happens to be a generation mired in dead end jobs while smiling into the sunshine as they wonder when someone is going to show up and call the cops on the party again.


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