Norman Blake, Gerard Love, Raymond Mckinley, Brendan O’Hare, Francis Macdonald.

Just every so often pop music throws up a band with a sound all of its own, leaving a trail of imitators in its wake. The Fannies (as we affectionately christened them) sent down a demo of their first album and their early sound subtley plundered the forbidden texts of seventies rock and boogie, taking more than anything, the guitar harmonics and easy-flowing, almost sloppy feel of vintage Faces and mixing it with the distortion of Dinosaur Junior and Beatlesesque melodies and harmonies. A roughly recorded album for sure, the overall effect is ‘Revolver’ played with the speakers buggered, at very high volume, but tunes like ‘Everything Flows’ which does with a joyful surge and ‘Eternal Light’ remain amongst their best. Probably recorded about six months too early, it is nonetheless the album which best represents the Teenage Fan Club rather than the Big Star style pop which was to follow. For all of its shortcomings, one of the all-time great debut albums.

“The roots of this band stretch deep into the soil of Britpop and indie rock as we now know it.”Pitchfork