THALA reveals new single and video for ‘don’t want u to die’

Thala follows last year’s critically-acclaimed EPs ‘In Theory Depression’  and ‘twotwentytwo’  with a new single, ‘don’t want u to die’, an uplifting parable filled with modern-day melancholy, it’s a cathartic cut of pop that surges with dramatic heft and executed with pinpoint precision.

“It’s reminiscent of a very dark place I once used to gravitate towards and I think a lot of people can relate to that,” she explains, “You just submerge yourself in all sorts of vices so you don’t have to see or feel your own pain until it eventually becomes a coping mechanism in itself. When I wrote the song I realised that it had turned into an anthem for anyone who needs to hear that they’re great; that they’re loved and never truly alone, as cheesy as it sounds.”

Thala is a transient person, who spent a number of years working on the Canary Islands juggling odd jobs. It was in the Canaries that the roots in her music began to take hold, drawing on shimmering early 90s shoegaze – a measured and cerebral style of music, emulated by the hours spent underwater as a diving instructor. Returning to Berlin, she threw herself into the full-blown pursuit of music.

Since then, her sound has developed into a widescreen dreamy cinematic experience as first displayed on the emotional indie pop of last year’s releases. Now, ‘don’t want u to die’  goes much deeper with its ticking rhythm and enormous chorus. It’s Soccer Mommy meets Mazzy Star melancholy through the gorgeous off kilter guitar break; it’s a euphoric moment of release in a bittersweet story that evolves into an upbeat paean of hope and positivity.

“We have to become more open minded and vulnerable as a society and start sharing so that we can exercise empathy,” she concludes.

And, it’s that wish for a greater understanding that underpins the song; it’s honesty and emotional reverie underlining Thala’s undoubted pedigree as a modern singer songwriter.

Thala moves away from the “sweet indie rock” of her earlier work to something that’s much more perceptive and understanding. As ‘twotwentytwo’ revisited painful chapters of her life, ‘don’t want u to die’ begins a more mature dialogue, the perfect introduction to her imminent new album set for release later this year with its engaging worldview and a procession of beautifully written songs.

“Thala is indie music at its most potent: alluring, spirited and deeply affecting. How lucky we are this is just the beginning” Rough Trade

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Thala ‘don’t want u to die’



Beautifully honest

Rough Trade

A real teenage dream vibe

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