The Chills reveal anthemic new pop single ‘You’re Immortal’

Maverick songwriter Martin Phillipps returns with a brand-new Chills track ‘You’re Immortal’. An uplifting and provocative encounter told in the grand baroque pop manner of Love’s ‘Forever Changes’ with a gorgeous Chills-approved melody line that harks back to the band’s greatest hits. It’s an anthem for the times, a quest for hope set amid the misinformation of the day and the tip of a fast-melting iceberg, no less.

Taking us out of the year, ‘You’re Immortal’ marks a new epoch for The Chills with 2021 set to be an exciting year…

Photo by Scott Muir

These are unprecedented times but, as usual, the young feel invulnerable and the elders are concerned. The old people (like me) want to feel more involved but they also know that their time of influence has largely passed. So we learn from the young and admire them as they make their own mistakes yet still, hopefully, shape extraordinary history we could not have imagined.

Martin Phillipps on ‘You’re Immortal’

The Chills – You’re Immortal

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