“The whole crowd singing along, punching the air, sounding amazing” John Kennedy, Radio X

James NichollsNews, Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding touch down in Japan today, after a momentous UK/ EU tour which culminated at London’s Lock Tavern on Saturday night. Radio X’s John Kennedy popped along to the event and here’s what he had to say about it:

‘Finally got to see Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Saturday night in London and they were absolutely fantastic and that track was a real anthem; the whole crowd singing along, punching the air – sounding amazing. What a great night it was! One of the real treats that Scott & Charlene’s Wedding saved to the end was a cover of the Go Betweens’ ‘Karen’ which took on this whole kind of legendary classic rock thing which was fantastic. So good to finally see them and have a chat with them as well; they did such a great job in session last week on the show.”

Listen back to last night’s show where John plays the SACW anthem ‘Don’t Bother Me’:

If you missed out on the fun, you can still grab a copy of their fantastic new record ‘Mid Thirties Single Scene’ here at the below links!
Fire website: http://www.firerecords.com/product-category/scott-charlenes-wedding/
Bandcamp: https://scottcharlenesweddingmusic.bandcamp.com/


Japanese Tour Dates
16/11 (Wed) Kochi @ Chaotic Noise
17/11 (Thurs) Fukuoka @ Cafe & Bar Gigi
20/11 (Sun) Yokohama @ Tsunashima R
21/11 (Mon) Shibuya, Tokyo @ O-Nest
22/11 (Tues) Hamamatsu @ Kirhherr
23/11 (Wed) Matsumoto @ Give Me a Little More