Throwing Muses new album ‘Sun Racket’ out this week

Throwing Muses return and sing songs aquatic; toasting the dark blue of the water, the New Orleans bywater viewed from New England’s Bo Diddley bridge. The bridge collapsing, the water waiting – who’s saving us?

Returning with their signature sound, the legendary Boston trio Throwing Muses, consisting of Kristin Hersh, David Narcizo and Bernard Georges, release their tenth studio album ‘Sun Racket’ out this Friday.

The follow up to 2013’s ‘Purgatory/Paradise’ is an outpouring of modal guitars, reverbed shapes, pounding drums and driving bass set behind Kristin Hersh’s well-thumbed notebook of storylines and haunting vocals that get into your psyche.

A ten-song opus of suitably wrought tales set against a wall of sound that’s at once calm and ethereal before building into glorious cacophonous crescendos.


Indie store exclusive die cut sleeve violet vinyl, black LP and CD.

Kristin Hersh’s tough, instinctive wail, has been one of the greatest sounds in American underground rock for decades


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Pre-Order Throwing Muses ‘Sun Racket’. Released 4th September.