Unbelievably, yet more words of wisdom from the house (of Fire)

1 What was the first record you bought and where from? And can you remember the price?

‘Zorro And The Oranges’ [Picture-sleeve 7” story record].

Bought in the early ‘70s for less than NZ$1:00 at Terry’s Music Store, Dunedin.


2 What was the record that changed your life and how did it do so?

’Ziggy Stardust’ – an epiphany because first listen as a grumpy, misunderstood early-teen was also first time using stereo head-phones.


3 What’s your driving playlist and who, if you had the chance would be riding shotgun?

Modern Lovers – ‘Roadrunner” and, hell, may as well have Jonathan Richman along on shotgun. That boy tells a good tall-tale!


4 What’s your favourite Elvis song?

‘All Shook Up’. Very sexy and the Jordanaires sound best when perhaps just a little “undead”.


5 Who’s your favourite Beatle and why?

John Lennon. Because of ‘Plastic Ono Band’ album.


6 If you were commissioned to write the theme song for any TV programme what would you choose and how would you tackle it?

‘Dr Who’. I’d try to be faithful to the original, early electronic version knowing I didn’t stand a chance but that it would end up sounding like a weird version by The Chills anyway.


7 Which song have you always wanted to cover but never quite managed yet?

‘Toast And Marmalade For Tea’ – Tin Tin.


8 What, after a social evening, is the one album that you insist your fellow socialites should hear before they leave?

Suicide’s 1st album. I don’t seem to have many social evenings these days.


9 Which film do you wish you’d had a cameo in?

‘Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow’.


10 In the biopic of your illustrious career who plays you in the movie?

Kenny McCormick from South Park.


11 If you were on a night out with Ozzy Osbourne where would you suggest you went?

To meet my parents.