Vapour Theories (Bardo Pond’s John and Michael Gibbons) new album ‘Celestial Scuzz’ is out today

Bardo Pond guitarists, brothers John and Michael Gibbons revive their long-term sonic sparring side project Vapour Theories for a genre-shattering new release.

‘Celestial Scuzz’  is a monumental sound piece created from hours of jam sessions and crafted into a cohesive mind-blowing trip. Featuring their take on Brian Eno’s ‘The Big Ship’ (‘Another Green World’, 1975), the album has a heavy ambience like Eno locked in a dark room with SunnO))))) rehearsing next door.
“When we play together there’s a kind of connection to vibrations for us. When it happens, we become vehicles for some unknown forces that work through us to create the music. A kind of spiritual. Most of the time it leaves us stunned; the more stunned we are the better the jam.”
While Bardo Pond’s trajectory takes them deep into rock music’s ever-imploding sound, the brothers Gibbons surf a more ethereal and eclectic plain; from a heady and consuming space, a “sanctuary; balm for the soul.”

Released on limited edition gold vinyl, ‘Celestial Scuzz’ is available now on Fire Records.

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Vapour Theories ‘Celestial Scuzz’



Beautifully thick, intertwining guitar tones from heaven itself and presented to you on a golden turntable.

The Quietus


‘Celestial Scuzz’ contains moments of ambience similar to Brian Eno and moments of monolithic drone rock in the style of Sunn-O))))).

Norman Records

A necessary part of the Bardo extended fam.

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