Welsh Band Islet Join Fire Records, Reveal New Track ‘Clouds’ & May Live Dates


The Return of 

Listen to new track ‘Clouds’: 

Live dates
3 May Radnorshire Ales Microbrewery
4 May Machynlleth Comedy Festival
17 May Focus Wales, Wrexham
25 May Cardiff Psych and Noise Fest

What you need to know: Remote Welsh outsiders, studying life via a refracting telescope, adept in the art of conjoining parts that don’t fit. A Powys trio whose free-spirited invention and exuberant intensity flows through experimental pop: hypnotic, exhilarating and defiantly unique.

Free flowing with pulsating idiosyncrasies, wrapped up in ethereal atmospherics is the current musical summation of a Welsh band born of one rule: that anything is possible. Earlier maximalist, percussion heavy sounds have for now at least, given way to a more synth driven sound, but the rule remains the same, the results deliriously intoxicating and the possibilities an endless panorama…

Take a trip, enjoy the headrush and go wander the clouds…

“Clouds was born in a heavy pregnant daydream and was finished in a full pelt headlong headrush. It’s a song about how I learnt patience.” Emma Daman Thomas

2016 – Islet ‘Liquid Half Moon’ EP
2013 – Islet “Released By The Movement” LP
2012 – Islet “Illuminated People” LP
2010 – Islet “Wimmy” (mini album)
2010 – Islet “Celebrate This Place” (mini album)

Bandcamp https://islet.bandcamp.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/islet
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IsletWales
Website: http://islet.wales/