Yosa Peit reveals new tracks and video for ‘HAD3S/AOL SLYT’ from new album ‘Gut Buster’

Out today, Yosa Peit reveals two new tracks from her album ‘Gut Buster’  set for release on 26th April on Fire Records.

In the footsteps of A Tribe Called Quest, ASAP Rocky and Madlib, Yosa reveals a brand new split music video teasing the tracks ‘HAD3S’  and ‘AOL SLYT’. The multifaceted, humorous new video gives insight into the versatility of the record.

‘HAD3S’  is a call for people to find balance; we find ourselves at tipping point, standing in the shadow of Hades, god of the underworld. Whilst the contrasting ‘AOL SLYT’  was shot at Berlin’s craggy Hermannplatz. This second half exhibits the comfort and discomfort of both, fast food and music consumption.

“We wanted to play with a skit idea in music videos that don’t give away the whole track. The video plays with our attention span, a bit like swiping through Tiktok.” Yosa Peit

New albumGut Buster’  grapples with the destructive force of modern consumption, it’s is an anti-capitalist statement that synthesizes intimacy and hostility; a surrealist-punk affirmation and a testament to Peit’s singular vision and unique approach. Spawning fleshy sonic escapades, a swarm of vigorously processed vocals and soulful bass, that’s set to a backdrop of visceral percussive structures. It’s full of roguish curiosity with an air of lo-fi experimentation and a platinum glint of pop sensibility.

The free-ranging sound of Yosa Peit recalls the intense arrangements of a cyber-era Prince with the surrealist tones of Arthur Russell and the vulnerability of Arca circa 2017. At the album’s core, ‘World Eaters’  blazes after humankind and our destruction of the earth with its scorching guitars. “I was born on a planet, I got hungry and I ate it.”  Consuming all that excess, terrestrial obliteration is human; we rot our own guts. That’s how it felt as Yosa battled with an auto immune gut disease while penning the record. So, in the closing track ‘Gut Is God (Gate of Discord)’  she raises a hopeful prayer (gut means “good” in German) to her insides, to reasoning, to learning with and from our bodies and those around us. Her one voice becomes a raw moving chorus crying out: we are all of this dying earth.

“The album is really talking about our system from the perspective of the gut, from our inside. Faced with my own gut story making the record was a playful healing process set against this busted consumer media world. As a result it became kind of an anti-statement to our insane consumer planet” Adds Yosa.

Even in the face of planetary doom and personal obstacles, Yosa evokes our propensity for mischief, humor and pleasure.Gut Buster’  carries all the nutrients we need. Yosa brings us provisions by way of an eclectic creative process, interweaving sound through free experimentation and collaboration. Her unique approach to songwriting and production, which past collaborator Holly Herndon calls “super fresh”, has now garnered a cult following.

The album is a collective playground for creation to planetary reaches, congregating friends from Berlin, Cologne, and New York’s fuzzy musical underbelly: Employee, Funkycan, Gerry Franke, Glenn Astro, Nauker, Paingel, Tbz, and UCC Harlo. The record was mixed by Brainfeeder and Carlos Niño affiliate Benjamin Vukelic in Portland and Jan Brauer in Berlin.

“Glitchy yet supple, the broken beats and warped abstractions are wholly unpredictable yet deliciously odd, like an esoteric mashup of Bjork, Aphex and Laurie Anderson. Yep, that good” Electronic Sound

Live Dates
04 May: Aktionshaus, Berlin, Germany (Album Launch)

‘Gust Buster’ is out 26th April. Available on LTD Edition Black Vinyl with Alternate Artwork Sleeve & LTD Edition Cassette.


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The production is super fresh

Holly Herndon

Yosa Peit ‘Gut Buster’



Warped lo-fi meets glitchy electronica and pop

The Vinyl Factory

Glitchy yet supple, the broken beats and warped abstractions are wholly unpredictable yet deliciously odd, like an esoteric mashup of Bjork, Aphex and Laurie Anderson. Yep, that good

Electronic Sound