Forming in early 2012, Camberwell based trio take their name from Grace Slick’s mother. Their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Measures of Joy’ is a sonic tapestry of psychedelic majesty that weaves the radiophonic sounds of Broadcast with the kosmische wonder of Cluster and the rhythmic propulsion of This Heat. Sophisticated hallucinogenic pop, the fully formed album is dark and hypnotic.

Bursting with spoken-word passages, brooding electronics and musique concrete influences, they create free flowing songs with shoegaze and experimental tendencies.

Virginia Wing supported Hookworms on their UK tour in 2015, performed at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia and have since embarked on their first headline tour of Europe.

Now, Virginia Wing return in 2016 with a striking new single, ‘Rhonda’; expanding the deep and varied sonic palette displayed on ‘Measures Of Joy’, and giving way to a sprawling piece of experimental pop music with texture, depth and nuance; daring and progressive.

Virginia Wing release this new single ahead of their second album in autumn 2016. Virginia Wing are Alice Merida Richards (Vocals, Synths, Organ) and Samuel Pillay (Synths, guitar, noises, bass).

“Virginia Wing are not from the sedate school of dream-pop escapism…a hazy subversion of the traditional monochrome evocations of post-punk, a photo negative of an established form.” The Quietus