Air Waves announces new remix of ‘Star Earring’ (Planningtorock ‘Planningtostar’ Version)

Following the release of Air Waves’ recent acclaimed album The Dance we reveal a brand new reworking of ‘Star Earring’ from electronic artist and record producer, Planningtorock.

An expansive, perpetual remix that flawlessly transforms and transcends onto the dance floor. Planningtorock’s ‘Star Earring’ remix is an uplifting, electronic track that’s heady and hypnotic.

A big fan of Air Waves’ original version, Jam got in the studio playing with “a lot of pitch tweaking on their vocals to fit my dance version of the song.” Planningtorock.

Air Waves freshest, most spontaneous finessed album yet; The Dance is filled with hooks and unforgettable melodies, gliding on deeply danceable grooves and beats always with Nico Schneit’s innate compassion, concision and uncanny pop sense shining through.

Recorded at Figure 8 studios in Brooklyn, NY, “The Dance” features Skyler Skjelset (Fleet Foxes, Beach House), Luke Temple (backing vox, additional arrangements), Brian Betancourt (Hospitality, Sam Evian), Cass McCombs (backing vox on Alien), Rina Mushonga (backing vox), Frankie Cosmos (backing vox), Lispector (backing vox), David Christian (drums), Ethan Sass (guitar, synth), and Ben Florencio (drums).

The Dance is anything but an over-confected studio-sprawl – like all Air Waves’ music it’s at root beautifully simple, instantly accessible and entirely addictive.

2023 Live Dates
08 Jun: La Cale, Nancy, FR 
10 Jun: Pies Pala Pop Festival, Rennes, FR 
11 Jun: Le Chaland Qui Passe, Binic, FR 
13 Jun: The Message, Troyes, FR 
15 Jun: La Tannerie, Bourg-en-Bresse, FR 
16 Jun: Gare a la Rochette Festival, Thore-la-Rochette, FR 
19 Jun: The Shacklewell Arms, London, UK
21 Jun: Bongo Joe, Geneva, Switzerland 
22 Jun: La Petite Populaireff, La Reole, FR 
23 Jun: Le Pingouin Alternatif, Arthez-de-Bearn, FR 
24 Jun: Wheels & Waves Festival, Biarritz, FR

I've been a fan of Planningtorock’s music for a long time, I knew they would transform Star Earring into a something for the dance floor, giving it that extra otherworldly quality of their productions. The remix came out exactly as I had hoped, Jam pulled out the catchiest lyrics from the song and laid them over sublimely hypnotic beats

Air Waves

Air Waves ‘The Dance’



Whipsmart minimal pop, albeit with a subtle, luxurious hue


An experimental pop gem

★★★★ AllMusic