Bardo Pond announce new reissue ‘Volume 3’. Listen to ‘Lomand’ now

Super rare recordings from 2002 and pressed on vinyl for the very first time. The third in the band’s series of limited-edition releases showcasing jam sessions and other miscellany. Like Fugazi on acid, a rage for the Velvets, a mantra with real purity of tone.

Somewhere between the ‘Dilate’  album in 2001 (“a combination of Kyuss and Spacemen 3”  NME) and ‘On the Ellipse’  in 2003 (“Nowhere is feedback more melancholic, more emotive, than that fashioned by Bardo Pond”  Brainwashed), Bardo Pond transcended into a mantra-like, multi-layered, cross-dimensional, wah wah powered nirvana.

In some circles, they say, spaceships wafted them away and they only returned some-time later, mind-altered and bedraggled, ears ringing. But that is the stuff of supposition.

As we already know, there is no ‘off’ switch on Bardo Pond, they are never knowingly unplugged. Indeed, the modal evolution of their sound continues unabated.

Available on Limited Edition 2xLP Black Vinyl + Bardo Pond Patch & Limited Edition 2xLP Black Vinyl.


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Obviously, Bardo Pond are the greatest band in the world


Bardo Pond ‘Volume 3’