Marina Allen’s new album ‘Centrifics’ is out now

Marina Allen's new album 'Centrifics', the anticipated follow-up to her acclaimed album, 'Candlepower' is out now. Full of surprising melodies and hooks, contemplative, and startling, it was written during a self-imposed six-month seclusion in quieter Northern California

Air Waves new album ‘The Dance’ is out now

Recorded at Figure 8 studios in Brooklyn, NY, 'The Dance' features Skyler Skjelset (Fleet Foxes, Beach House), Luke Temple (backing vox, additional arrangements), Brian Betancourt (Hospitality, Sam Evian), Cass McCombs (backing vox on 'Alien'), Rina Mushonga (backing vox), Frankie Cosmos (backing vox), Lispector (backing vox), David Christian (drums), Ethan Sass (guitar, synth), and Ben Florencio (drums)

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Air Waves reveals new single ‘The Roof (feat. Luke Temple and Rina Mushonga)’ from upcoming album ‘The Dance’

New track ‘The Roof’ is the stunning album opener that sees Rina Mushonga offering a sweet counterpoint to Nicole’s lead vocal alongside Luke Temple on guitar. Directed by Gabi Rudin, ‘The Roof’ video finds Nico in Times Square handing out flyers to strangers enticing them to a party. Maybe they’re complete strangers, maybe they’ve met in another lifetime but this captured moment time is significant. Following a magnetic encounter, it’s a video that draws on those beguiling experiences with another person and being open to what comes next.