Hater, Marina Allen and Black Lips on Rough Trade’s Best Albums Of The Year

Rough Trade have revealed their selection of Best Albums Of The Year and we’re pleased to see Hater’s acclaimed album ‘Sincere’, Marina Allen’s astonishing album ‘Centrifics’ and Black Lips’ second album for Fire ‘Apocalypse Love’.

Hater – Sincere

A reawakening for the Swedish visionaries Hater, Sincere solidifies their impressive trajectory in a fuzzed out haze of dark and arresting shoegaze pop. An expansive trip through noisier, bittersweet pop realms that recalls My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Deerhunter.

Marina Allen – Centrifics

‘Centrifics’ is a joyful collection of observations and questions about the self, the world, and how they interact. Awe-inspiring reflections accompany mesmerizing melodies while Allen’s extraordinary range and depth of singing showcases a wide array of influences from Karen Carpenter to Karen Dalton, from Joanna Newsom to Fiona Apple, from Cate Le Bon to Waxahatchee, via Meredith Monk and the New York avant-garde.

Black Lips – Apocalypse Love

The Black Lips return with their 10th studio effort ‘Apocalypse Love’, scorched with their trademark menace, it cryogenically mutates all recognised musical bases; it spins yarns about vintage Soviet synths, Benzedrine stupors, coup de’ tats, stolen valor and certified destruction, all set against a black setting sun. Since the turn of the decade the band have transformed from austere country pioneers, into a set of Lynchian surrealists, hellbent on recalibrating the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

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Rough Trade Albums Of The Year

Hater ‘Sincere’




Marina Allen ‘Centrifics’




Black Lips ‘Apocalypse Love’