Come announce ‘Near Life Experience’ reissue + US, UK & EU Tour Dates

Originally released in 1996, Come’s third album Near Life Experience was the sound of a band heading into new territory, refining their dense mix of hypnotic noise-rock, blues and rock’n’roll songwriting. Lovingly remastered, this new version features three incredible bonus tracks ‘Prize’, ‘Strike’, ‘Hurricane II’ stemming from the same era, additional liner notes and photographs.

After Come’s seminal 1994 release ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’, bassist Sean O’Brien and drummer Arthur Johnson left the band to pursue other careers. Remaining members Chris Brokaw and Thalia Zedek recorded Near Life Experience with two different rhythm sections: one half of the album was recorded with drummer Mac McNeilly of the Jesus Lizard and Bundy K. Brown of Tortoise and Gastr Del Sol, the other half recorded with Kevin Coultas and Tara Jane O’Neil of Rodan and The Sonora Pine. Other contributors to the album included Edward Yazijian from Kustomized and Jeff Goddard from Karate, both rock bands hailing from Boston, MA.

The title of the album resulted from a “a slip of the tongue, as Zedek states, she “was telling someone [she had] had a ‘near life experience,’ but meant to say near death experience. Chris [Brokaw] was cracking up at the imagery of that. Thus, the phrase was chosen as the album’s title.

“Near-Life Experience is heavier, and at the same time prettier, than Come has ever sounded.” CMJ New Music Monthly

“Come is a re-energized, even more powerful band than they used to be, and Near Life Experience is their most concise and affecting release yet.” All Music

Zedek and Brokaw might have compensated the loss of band members by recruiting new blood but the reward was huge, ‘Near Life Experience’ is Come’s most cinematic, diverse and accessible album.

“Come’s 90s rep was for crushingly heavy blues, a bleak beauty admired by sympathetic spirit Kurt Cobain” Uncut

Lovingly remastered on limited edition pink vinyl featuring three bonus tracks


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Come ‘Near Life Experience’



Come’s 90s rep was for crushingly heavy blues, a bleak beauty admired by sympathetic spirit Kurt Cobain


12 May: Sun Tiki, Portland, ME, US
13 May: Roadrunner, Boston, MA, US
15 May: Johnny Brenda’s, Philidelphia, PA, US
16 May: Black Cat, Washington, D.C., US
21 May: Paard, Den Hague, Netherlands
22 May: La Bulle Cafe, Lille, France
23 May: Arts Centre, Colchester, UK
24 May: The Cluny, Newcastle, UK
25 May: Broadcast, Glasgow, UK
26 May: Golden Lion, Todmorden, UK
28 May: Café Oto, London, UK
29 May: L’International, Paris, France
30 May: Les Pavillons Sauvages, Toulouse, France
01 Jun: Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain
02 Jun: La Rambleta, Valencia, Spain
04 Jun: Centro S. Allende, Zaragoza, Spain
05 Jun: Teatre del Raval, Castellon, Spain
06 Jun: Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao, Spain
07 Jun: Dabadaba, Donosti, Spain
08 Jun: Primavera Sound, Madrid, Spain
10 Jun: Spazio 211, Torino, Italy
11 Jun: Handmade Festival, Guastalla, Italy 
12 Jun: EI Lokal, Zurich, Switzerland
13 Jun: Rotondes, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
15 Jun: Rimi/Imir, Stavanger, Norway

Devastating, with slow, burning songs that shudder and wince

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