Dead Famous People new album ‘Harry’ is out now

Dons Savage is an unparalleled talent, a savant of the perfect melody and lyrics which both touch and bite, a throwback to the Carole King’s and Gerry Goffin’s of Brill Building pop, an instinctive penseuse besting the originators of the Riot Grrrl movement by responding to their conversations of rage and sexuality and finding a place in the world some years before the initial sparks of that particular revolution had even begun. Dead Famous People’s first real album, ‘Harry’, is now being unleashed to the world.

Dead Famous People first emerged in the 1980s, releasing on the likes of Flying Nun and earning praise from the likes of John Peel, who invited them in for a session. However, things didn’t work out and to the dismay of many fans, they never released a proper album. Three decades later Dons was tracked down by Fire Records and given the opportunity to finally enter the studio to record.

Somewhat more philosophical than her earlier work, ‘Harry’ is an album that feels like the right one for a world of apocalyptic pandemic, uncertainty and quarantine. A rare record in a time of musical factionalism and a world divided into camps of wilful obscurity and grotesque mockeries of stardom and art, ‘Harry’ is a document of unadorned perfection.

“Bob bought a DFP single which we both really liked, we were drawn to the mystery of the band’s name and the melancholy tone of Dons’ voice.”  Pete Wiggs – Saint Etienne

“There was a sense of excitement that something special was happening.” Martin Phillipps – The Chills

A masterful slice of uplifting guitar pop with a world-weary heart

Under The Radar (NZ)

Perfectly imperfect pop


Dead Famous People ‘Harry’


An album of all new material which hints that her time may have eventually come

Norman Records

A blistering return (...) iconic and instantly recognisable

Backseat Mafia

Son deliciosos

Hoy por Hoy, Cadena SER