Faten Kanaan releases new video for ‘Sleepwalker’ from her latest album ‘A Mythology of Circles’

Faten Kanaan shares new video from her acclaimed album ‘A Mythology Of Circles’, released late last year to overwhelming critical acclaim “Compelling” ★★★★ Uncut, “Appealingly mercurial” ★★★★★ The Vinyl District, ★★★★ Mojo.

‘Sleepwalker’, the surreal haze during the hypnagogic stage between sleep and waking, when consciousness teeters drowsily at a threshold and hallucinations & reality overlap.


The 4-channel video was made by multimedia artist Jessie Rose Vala, whose work explores non-linear narratives and environments. Throughout her work is a questioning of the boundaries of human perception, with the potential of objects to illuminate concurrent realities.

Composed, Engineered, & Mixed by Faten Kanaan
Mastered by Heba Kadry
Video by Jessie Rose Vala

Faten Kanaan Artist Page

Many years ago, Jessie and I used to share an art studio. It was such a creative, inspired, occasionally Dickensian time while waiting for the heater to turn on in the Winters. She's based in Oregon now, so it's wonderful to have this opportunity to continue being around her work

Faten Kanaan

Evoking lofty themes it has undeniably visceral cinematic effect

Gorilla Vs Bear

Faten Kanaan ‘A Mythology Of Circles’