Half Japanese Vol. 4 (1997-2001) To Be Released on Record Store day 2016!

Record Store Day 2016 sees Half Japanese and Fire Records bring you the final volume of the immense box sets that focuses on releases from the late 90s and early 00s.

The final volume of the four-part Half Japanese box set series “Volume 4: 1997-2001” – includes albums “Bone Head”, “Heaven Sent” and “Hello”. Showcasing a range of experimental pop smarts and noisy punk bite, these albums see the band surrounding Jad Fair’s musings on subjects from hopeless monsters to hopeless romantics with everything from sharp melodies to 64 minute work outs, with a Primal Scream cover thrown in there for good measure.

Fire’s colossal Half Japanese series began in 2014 with the Record Store Day exclusive of ‘Half Gentleman/Not Beasts’, this year’s RSD brings the release full circle with the last of the set.

Heaven Sent is made available on vinyl for the first time, with the title track originally over an hour long, a special edit brings over 30 minutes to the LP release. High-quality downloads are included along with the original artwork from Jad Fair.

“Cutting straight to the gut. Jad’s phrasing matches surging sentiments, creating a counterpoint to the spot-on music. When they grind out a groove half-rhythmic/half-blank cadences, the woozy disconnect is oddly compellingPitchfork’s Best New Reissue

This should lay to rest any questions about the importance of Half Japanese. Without them, we wouldn’t have the primitive pop of Beat Happening nor the id-bearing beauty of Daniel JohnstonPaste Magazine

Live Date:

19th March – Jad Fair at SXSW – The Hideout 9:00PM – 9:40P

Stream the audio for ‘Patty’ below