Josephine Foster and Victor Herrero Band’s track ‘El Café De Chinitas’ has been used in The CW’s show ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’

‘El Café De Chinitas’  from Josephine Foster And The Victor Herrero Band’s 2010 album ‘Anda Jaleo’  has been used in the soundtrack of the 7th Season of CW’s ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ TV show.

Federico Garcia Lorca’s popular folk song collection “Las Canciones Populares Españolas” was banned under Franco’s dictatorship and today the music survives but marginally within the Spanish sub-conscious. Taking their cue from Lorca and La Argentinita’s infectious 1931 recording of the songs, Josephine Foster and her partner Spanish musician Victor Herrero arranged the poetically rich collection for their acoustic band, formed while living in the Grenadine Sierra. ‘Anda Jaleo’ is the band’s live recording of “Las Canciones”; a visceral celebration of the persistance of popular anonymous song.

Josephine Foster And The Victor Herrero Band ‘Anda Jaleo’