Lucy Gooch reveals new single ‘Ash and Orange’

Lucy Gooch releases new single ‘Ash and Orange’, a beautifully transcendental offering and a signal of what’s to come later in the year with new label partner, Fire Records.

‘Ash and Orange’ emerged after listening to old recordings of women’s choirs from the 1930’s, their stoic sopranos circling churches and halls. In two parts, it touches on an everyday person’s hidden emotional life that leads to a breakdown. This new work marks Lucy’s departure from Looping and reveals a more thorough exploration of choral composition and songwriting.

“I was trying to write a story in two parts: the beginning is about an everyday person’s hidden emotional life, their ruminating thoughts; and then it moves into a more expressive second part, which I see as a kind of breakdown, an outpouring of emotions that have been buried for a long time. I used a new instrument on this, a prophet 6, and its arrival altered my approach to making. It has a kind of resonance that leads me in new directions, so I’ve found myself exploring songwriting more freely”  Lucy Gooch

Brand new single from Lucy Gooch, ‘Ash and Orange’ is the musician’s first new music on Fire Records. 

New music to be released in 2021 – more details to be announced soon.

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Listen to ‘Ash and Orange’

The moment is short, but Lucy Gooch’s music makes it last forever.


Lucy Gooch ‘Ash and Orange’



An unusually developed aesthetic vision, one that joins the atmospheric quality of ambient music with the structure of choral composition and the seeming effortlessness of pop.