Lucy Gooch signs to Fire Records

Lucy Gooch’s music is a beautiful ethereal fog; like hearing a subliminal echo of Kate Bush on a fading tape loop, masked by an internal wall of sound that vibrates with the hum of everyday life. She grew up in rural Norfolk, singing in choirs. Her search for harmony took her to Bristol and its evolving ambient scene. Lucy’s debut EP, ‘Rushing’, gained plaudits from NPR to The Guardian.

Imagine The Cocteau Twins’ dream pop, cautiously overlapping Cluster’s trippy nuances; cast a thought of Eno and Julie London after cocktails. Think of the church organist on downers and the choir free forming, a phalanx of voices vying for attention. It’s a truly uplifting and life-affirming sound; dramatic, filmic, passionate.

“Gooch’s voice is rich and angelic, matching the timbre of the lush surrounding instrumentation” enthused Bandcamp as part of its Best New Ambient Music round-up early in 2020.

“The moment is short, but Lucy Gooch’s music makes it last forever. Rushing layers ambient synths and vocal melodies in a paradox of weightless textures freighted with emotion.” NPR

Perfect existential listening

The Guardian

An unusually developed aesthetic vision, one that joins the atmospheric quality of ambient music with the structure of choral composition and the seeming effortlessness of pop