Modern Studies’ new album ‘The Weight Of The Sun’ is out now

‘The Weight Of The Sun’ sees principal songwriters Emily Scott and Rob St John further their warm, esoteric field studies with Pete Harvey and Joe Smillie, as previously reconnoitered on Swell To Great (2016) and Welcome Strangers (2018). Largely recorded at Harvey’s home-run studio Pumpkinfield in rural Perthshire, this third outing makes for a glorious compendium of haunted disco hallelujahs (‘Spaces’); mercurial krautrock chorales (‘Heavy Water’); cosmic pop adagios (‘Corridors’; ‘Back to the City’) and euphoric, resilient, anthems (‘The Blue of Distance’).

There is a strange familiarity, and a welcome strangeness, in the quiet alchemy of Modern Studies.

‘The Weight Of The Sun’ is out now on limited edition deluxe Dinked ‘Sunburst Splatter’ vinyl, LP and CD.

★★★★ Record Collector
★★★★ Uncut
★★★★ Secret Meeting

★★★★½ FullMoon
★★★★ Sentire Ascoltare

“Beguiling” Uncut

“Their best album yet” Record Collector

“Shifting closer to the mainstream, ‘Welcome Strangers’ mined warmer, broader chamber folk, ‘The Weight Of The Sun’ continues that trajectory” Mojo 

“Whether this texture tastes of panic, anxiety, grief, loss or the ecstasies and intimacies of simply existing, knowing what it is to love and feel pain, ‘The Weight of the Sun’ is an album that, perhaps unexpectedly, captures the subtle blend of all that emotion in our present moment.” Secret Meeting