Faten Kanaan signs to Fire Records, announces new album ‘A Mythology Of Circles’

NY artist Faten Kanaan has signed to Fire Records and is putting the finishing touches to new album “A Mythology of Circles” which will be exploring mythologies behind cyclical repetitions in nature & time. Misty dream-states also inhabited by birds at dusk, madrigals, sleepwalkers, and the Hesperides.

Our ‘Auteur Limits’ compilation is up now on streaming services

Featuring Fenella, Faten Kanaan, Islet, Vanishing Twin, Death And Vanilla, Pictish Trail, Graham Reynolds, Throwing Muses, Hater, Brigid Mae Power and Modern Studies.

RVG’s new album ‘Feral’ is out now

RVG share their highly-anticipated sophomore album Feral unto the world. They perform the tricky alchemy of combining rock’s urgency, punk’s anarchy, and pop’s empathy to create a record that feels vital.

Islet’s new album ‘Eyelet’ is out now

The Welsh band Islet return with the release of their long-awaited new album 'Eyelet'. Their finest and most definitive work to date, these eleven tracks of crystalline beauty are shot through with the band’s devious pop sensibility.