Marta Del Grandi’s new album ‘Until We Fossilize’ is out now

Marta Del Grandi is an award-winning jazz vocalist navigating new territory, crossing borders of genre and style from West Coast ‘60s to ambient exotica, from plaintive Lynchian etherealism to dramatic Morricone scores.

Out today, the eclectic Italian-born singer songwriter newly signed to Fire Records releases new album ‘Until We Fossilize’. Marta also reveals her first UK winter tour that sees her accompanying Brigid Mae Power.

Lead single ‘Amethyst’ takes inspiration by the myth of Amethyst, filled with Greek mythology, touching the wildest manifestation of imagination, it’s the story of a woman who frees herself from the expectations imposed on her by patriarchy. Composed with Indian drummer Tarun Balani, Marta sounds like Sandy Denny backed by Eno on Gamelan with a nod to Sun Ra.

Inspired by the myth, the music video directed by Rishi Jha was shot in Valle Verzasca (Switzerland), where a crystal clear river flows on a bed of metamorphosed rocks, a remnant of the collision between the African and Eurasian plate that led to the formation of the Alps.

Filled with thoughts and emotions, stories, rumours and beliefs, ‘Until We Fossilize’  is an unravelling of time and distance; a self-produced gem filled with life-affirming couplets and dramatic turns over electronic synths, classical structures and ambient soundwaves.

“It’s modern and ancestral at the same time.”


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Marta Del Grandi ‘Until We Fossilize’



An exquisitely woven sonic tapestry, ranging from noirish, Sixties torch ballads to ambient soundtracks for imaginary films.

Norman Records

Bucolic yet often emotionally complex, her songwriting – patching electronic synths against ambient elements with a touch of modern classical – seems to tap into areas beyond words


Eerie, beautiful and a little foreboding

Brooklyn Vegan

Notably strange, subtle, and cerebral, Until We Fossilize ultimately compels with its detached, Lynchian ambience.



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Un lavoro ricco di risonanze e spunti

★★★★ Rumore

A parlare deve essere solo il vento prodotto dalla grande musica di Marta Del Grandi.

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Die Songs von Marta Del Grandi versetzen die geneigten Hörer*innen in eine Stimmung, die nur Verzauberung genannt werden kann.

★★★★½ MusikExpress