Nightshift sign to Fire Songs

Nightshift is the latest addition to our Fire Songs publishing roster. The ensemble from Glasgow, formed in 2019, continue the city’s rich history of blurring the lines between DIY, Post-Punk and Experimental Pop and features artist Eothen Stearn, Chris White, Andrew Doig aka Robert Sotelo and Georgia Harris.

They have been described as hypnotic punk and certainly employ repetition in their sound at times, as well as embracing a variety of other musical stylings be they hyper rhythmic, noise based, pop inclined or emotive. There is no preconceived idea to the band’s identity. The band favours democracy and balance.

Primarily dealing in humanist themes there is an optimistic, utopian slant to Nightshift’s group persona. Never afraid to broach the absurdist strains of life that surrounds them, they revel in everyday confusion and find respite in the small wonders of the natural universe and beyond.

“Hypnotic… an intriguing blend of post-punk and psych-pop sounds” Stereogum

Nightshift Artist Page

Hypnotic... an intriguing blend of post-punk and psych-pop sounds