Noisey Premiere New Orchestra Of Spheres Track ‘Walking Through Walls’

Following on from last weeks epic ‘Anklung Song’ single, Orchestra Of Spheres have made a new track available from their forthcoming album ‘Brothers And Sisters Of The Black Lagoon’, due for release on 13th May on Fire Records.

OoS uitarist Baba Rossa explains the track below..

“Two friends were shouting and keeping me awake so I recorded it on my phone and forgot about it until a year or two later when we needed lyrics for this song. The argument was about tagging, but the song seems to have taken the lyrics in a different direction, dealing with broader philosophical questions. The words and the groove fitted together without much work. It’s a groove we’ve been playing in different guises for several years, so it’s nice to finally have it properly recorded. We borrowed some bells from the Wellington Campanology Society which feature on this track.”

Read the full premiere over at Noisey here

13 May –  Le Temps Machine, Tours, France
14 May – Festival Le Lac, Brest, France
16 May – Alte Seilerei, Bamberg, Germany
17 May – TBC, Dresden, Germany
18 May – Frau Korte, Erfurt, Germany
19 May – Rössli, Bern, Switzerland
20 May – May In The Park, Geneva, Switzerland
21 May – Les Instants Chavirés, Paris, France
22 May – Jazzkeller, Krefeld, Germany
25 May – Green Door Store, Brighton, UK
26 May – Club Makossa, London, UK
27 May – The Winchester, Bournemouth, UK
28 May – Raw Power Festival, The Dome, London, UK
29 May – Chill Out Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
31 May – Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao, Spain
01 Jun – Siroco, Madrid, Spain
02 Jun – Damas, Lisbon, Portugal
03 Jun – Teatro Municipal Rivoli, Porto, Portugal
04 Jun – Lata De Zinc, Oviedo, Spain
05 Jun – Centro Cívico Delicias, Zaragoza, Spain
07 Jun – Les Pavillons Sauvages, Toulouse, France
08 Jun – Le Café du Boulevard, Melle, France
10 Jun – Eindhoven Psych Lab, Eindhoven, Netherlands
11 Jun – OFF Bar, Basel, Switzerland
12 Jun – Baz’art, Geneva, Switzerland