Our ‘Auteur Limits’ compilation is up now on streaming services

After the success of last year’s ‘Outer Limits’ label compilation and our all-dayer back in December we bring you ‘The Auteur Limits’ – a suitably dystopian follow up that leaves a little light at the end of the tunnel. Painstakingly compiled and sequenced, it highlights the cinematic, leftfield-pop sensibility that label fans have become familiar with at Fire Records.

Auteur Limits - Label Compilation

Fenella – Triangular Journey

Faten Kanaan – Night Tide/Anteros

Islet – Moon

Vanishing Twin – Who Wants To Live Forever

Death And Vanilla – The Hum

Pictish Trail – Heart Eyes

Graham Reynolds – Police Station

Throwing Muses – Milk At McDonald’s

Hater – Sift

Brigid Mae Power – We Weren’t Sure

Modern Studies – Corridors