Out this Saturday for Record Store Day: The Groundhogs, Bardo Pond, Giant Sand and many more

Record Store Day 2022 sees Fire Records, Earth Recordings, Call Of The Void and AFAR releasing a selection of stunning vinyl. All of these LPs will be available to buy at your favourite independent record shops on Saturday 23rd April. No pre-orders, no online orders… all in person, at your handy local record store.

See below for full details on our 2022 releases and check Record Store Day’s website for more info.

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23rd APRIL

The Groundhogs ‘Hogwash’ – Fire Records
Bardo Pond ‘Bufo Alvarius’ – Fire Records
Mary Lou Lord ‘She’d Be A Diamond’ – Fire Records
Dead Famous People ‘Lost Person’s Area’ – Fire Records
Giant Sand ‘Tucson + Return To Tucson (Deluxe Edition) ’ – Fire Records
50 Foot Wave ‘Power + Light’ – Fire Records
50 Foot Wave ‘Bath White’ – Fire Records
Sandy Denny ‘Early Home Recordings’ – Earth Recordings
Pearls Before Swine ‘The Exaltation Of Tom Rapp’ – Earth Recordings
Trevor Lucas ‘Overlander’ – Earth Recordings
The Nightingales ‘Hysterics’ – Call Of The Void
Maria McKee ‘Peddlin’ Dreams– Afar


The Groundhogs ‘Hogwash’

50-year anniversary vinyl release of the original power trio’s second incarnation, now expanded with BBC In Concert versions of the album’s key tracks. An epic milestone and key prog rock definer, fusing their blues rock roots and their finely honed electric sound of the early ‘70s. This limited release replicated the original 1971 packaging, with a tri-fold sleeve, an absolute essential for fans of this seminal act.

An underrated gem

The Quietus


Bardo Pond ‘Bufo Alvarius’

Psychedelic, frog-licking weirdness on this re-etched edition of their debut album, originally released in 1995. Hailed as “synapse-destroying” by Trouser Press, it’s a post-‘Nuggets’ nugget rightly celebrated as a milestone in psyche rock, which actually sounds wholly unique today. Bardo Pond are “one of those outfits where the adjective ‘experimental’ genuinely means what it says on the tin.” Drowned In Sound


Playing the fuzzed-out stuff of stoner dreams



Mary Lou Lord ‘She’d Be A Diamond’

A busking beauty; a career spanning double album delve into the street corner soul of the Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith-approved crooner. This new collection includes her Kill Rock Star singles, compilation rarities, covers of The Bevis Frond, Pink Floyd, Dylan, Daniel Johnston, Lucinda Williams and East River Pipe among others. A chunky power pop jangle, meets unravelling indie punk rawk as the lights change on Times Square.

Lord’s charming performances, clever lyrics, and catchy melodies prove remarkably resonant.

All Music


Dead Famous People ‘Lost Person’s Area’

Long lost release from cult-favourites Dead Famous People is back on vinyl for the first time in 36 years. Dons Savage’s stellar songwriting, unique voice and extracurricular work with The Chills and Saint Etienne didn’t result in fame, though 2020 comeback album, ‘Harry’, showed her magic undimmed. To celebrate, Fire Records reissues their debut EP for the first time outside New Zealand.

I love this band so much

Alex Kapranos


Giant Sand ‘Tucson + Return To Tucson (Deluxe Edition)’

Ten-year anniversary of the extended Giant Sand family’s mythic rock opera; a unification of Euro-based Sand and their downhome Arizonian compadres on Howe Gelb’s filmic homage to his hometown. Expanded with the much sought after ‘Return To Tucson’, the triple LP features exclusive remixes by John Parish, Ali Chant and Chris Schulze. This deluxe edition includes brand new sleeve notes from Howe Gelb, recollecting the album’s creation, drawings, notes and a plea to Broadway producers.

★★★★ Uncut ★★★★ The Line Of Best Fit ★★★★ Financial Times


50 Foot Wave ‘Power + Light’

Back on vinyl for this bracing, ever twitching opus made of seven fluid pieces that fold into one continuous mantra. An essential release from the Throwing Muses’ offshoot helmed by Kristin Hersh and Bernard Georges, with Chalk Farm’s Rob Ahlers on drums.

Menacing, stalking, spirals of lean, hungry riffs

Drowned In Sound 9/10


50 Foot Wave ‘Bath White’

Back on vinyl for this Kristin Hersh fronted project, a super rare 2016 EP of enchanting and exhilarating sounds that shift from dreamy and emotional melancholy to jagged and almost Neu!-like rhythms that evolve behind her pointed prose and astute one-liners. A rush to the head that’s caustic yet comforting.


Sandy Denny ‘Early Home Recordings’

Twenty-seven 1960s recordings of pre-Fairport Sandy Denny – nearly all making their vinyl debut! This essential collection includes two different demos of her classic “Who Knows Where the Time Goes” (and other songs penned by her – some later recorded by Fairport), plus heartfelt covers of songs by Jackson C. Frank, Fred Neil, and traditional folk songs. The definitive collection of Denny’s home demos and authorized by her estate.


Pearls Before Swine ‘The Exaltation Of Tom Rapp’

The grand masters of acid folk, Pearls Before Swine outline the genius of leader Tom Rapp on an album created from a dusty box of tapes left behind by the incisive tunesmith. Never before heard recordings remastered to create the perfect route into the essential ‘Balaklava’ and ‘One Nation Underground’ albums that kick started a whole genre. This new vinyl compilation was made in collaboration with, and fully endorsed, by the Tom Rapp estate. Rapp’s lyrics “told hard truths about the human condition”; they were sometimes confrontational and cynical, but often embraced a “whimsical brand of mystical humanism” Billboard


Trevor Lucas ‘Overlander’

Ultra-rare 1966 solo album by singer/songwriter Trevor Lucas of Fairport Convention, Fotheringay, and Election. This Australian born folk legend recorded his own songs and a handful of covers – mostly solo acoustic, occasionally accompanied by bass, concertina, and fiddle. This is the first ever authorized reissue (by his estate), a long lost gem from a seminal songwriter.


Maria McKee ‘Peddlin’ Dreams’

A lost gem, never released on vinyl, from the re-awakened singer/songwriter that falls between her Americana incarnation as Lone Justice and her near-operatic five-star stunner ‘La Vita Nuova’. From 2005, ‘Peddlin’ Dreams’ makes a vinyl debut in all its unbridled glory.

Moving, utterly beautiful and carefully, artfully wrought. It is the work of a masterful songwriter whose senses of time, place and character are impeccable.



The Nightingales ‘Hysterics’

Following the release of the critically acclaimed King Rocker documentary (starring Stewart Lee), Robert Lloyd’s cult post-punk are selling out tours and receiving the long-overdue recognition they deserve. Long out of print, rarity-packed deluxe silver edition vinyl of their second album is a worthy follow-up to that of their debut and a harbinger of great things to come.

A true outsider artist

The Quietus