Rats On Rafts ‘Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths’ Press Reactions


The Quietus

★★★★ Uncut

★★★★½ Louder Than War

★★★ Music OMH

★★★½ Narc

★★★★½ Under The Radar

★★★★ The Vinyl District

★★★★ Visions

★★★★ New Noise

★★★½ Benzine

★★★★ Focus Vif

★★★★ Lust For Life

★★★★ Written In Music

★★★½ HUMO

★★★½ Blow Up

★★★★ Rumore

★★★½ Classic Rock

★★★½ Ondarock

★★★½ Indie For Bunnies

★★★★ Tomtom Rock

★★★½ Mondo Sonoro

★★★★ Crazyminds

★★★★½ Rock And Roll Army

★★★½ Polityka

★★★★ Fathipster

One of the great contemporary European rock bands Louder Than War

“Remarkable” The Quietus

“Recalling Brix-era Fall at their most-pop leaning” Uncut

“For their previous album, 2015’s Tape Hiss, Rats On Rafts were as unrelenting. Now they’ve added impenetrability to their armoury” Mojo

“Their finest collection of songs to date” Under The Radar

“An ambitious quasi-opera pulling from Krautrock, psychedelia, and avant-garde pop in the vein of Van Dyke Parks and Scott Walker.” AllMusic

“A stellar album” MXDWN

“Chapter 3 is an expertly constructed work” Paste

“Rats on Rafts inject a bit of flair to their brooding punk thrash” NME

“A whirlwind of call and response new wave anguish.. unwilling to abate” Music OMH

“Raucous and descended from post-punk but assembled with precision” The Vinyl District

“Excerpts proves that Rats on Rafts have the maturity and confidence to leap into new territory.” Chicago Reader

“This record is a complex gift […] Highlight is Tokyo Music Experience, the best western blend of wave and Japan since ‘Kyoto Song’ by The Cure” HUMO

“A record that I – even though it’s very early in the year – will pencil in the top 3 of albums of the year” Gonzo Circus

“Das dritte Kapitel nun rollt dem elektrisierenden Computerpop einen roten Teppich aus, dazu gibt es die ganz großen Melodien” Visions

“Je merkwürdiger, desto besser (..) Ein verkopftes Kunstprodukt” OX Fanzine

“Rats On Rafts haben es meisterlich hinbekommen, fragmentarische, experimentelle Kompositionen mit Samples, Groove, Punk und Pop zu verknüpfen.” Underdog Fanzine

“Allures mystiques, entre Scott Walker et Moondog” New Noise

“Un disque ambitieux et électrique !” Addict Culture

“L’un des plus grands espoirs de la musique européenne” Benzine

“Excellentissime” Litzic

“Il est impressionnant ce 3ème album du quatuor hollandais ! Très impressionnant ! Indie Punk Post Psych Noise !!! Au moins tout ça !” Radio Campus Grenoble

“Quand on en arrive à l’épilogue réflexive, on n’a qu’une envie : reprendre le voyage depuis le début…” Le Journal De Pok

“C’est carré, ça envoie, il y a de la réverbération, ça couine entre les tympans, bref les quatre membres de Rats On Rafts mouillent leurs chemises, mettent leurs pieds dans le plat pour le meilleurs du rock indé.” Paskal Larsen

“Bluffant (…) Excellentissime” Muzzart

“Pezzi Notevoli” Rumore

“Un disco da non sottovalutare” Blow Up

“Perfettamente riuscito” Rockerilla

“Un pezzo da collezione.” Classic Rock

“Folli, rumorosi e divertenti” Buscadero

“Sopravanzano, per creatività, molte delle formazioni oggi incensate” Raro Più

“Freschezza e sfrontatezza” Indie For Bunnies

“Uno straniante e viscerale racconto delle paranoie moderne, un post-punk che ritorna a essere non solo cifra stilistica ma audace forma di eclettismo e indipendenza creativa.” Ondarock

“Una band sorprendente” Tomtomrock

“Un disco fatto di metamorfosi e catarsi, sgomento e ferocia, che mi lascia frastornato, nel senso più positivo che si possa desiderare.” Polaroid

“Intenso y claramente efectivo” Mondo Sonoro

“Te atrapa de principio a fin” Ruta 66

“Redondo” Crazyminds

“Intrygancki” Polityka

Their finest collection of songs to date

Under The Radar