Robert Pollard ‘Of Course You Are’ – The GBV Frontman’s 24th Solo Album – Out Today!

Robert Pollard 
New Album ‘Of Course You Are’

“A true craftsman at his best” Uncut

“his first solo of 2016.. Pollard’s picked a good one” AV Club

Fire Records is extraordinarily thrilled to release a Robert Pollard record world-wide. Of Course You Are is solo album number twenty four (!) by the tireless Guided By Voices auteur. Meticulously constructed, Of Course You Are is overstuffed with hooky tunes, riffs aplenty and skewed/skewering lyrics.

As tuneful as you’d expect from anything issuing from Pollard’s pen, Of Course You Are runs the usual gamut of Pop, Prog, Psych, and even Punk-oriented tracks. His vocals are impeccable, his phrasing as sharp as ever – he seems invigorated by the collaborative juice provided by Mitchell, who himself has clearly been liberated by the opportunity to take the reins in the studio, and delivers in (aces of) spades.

Taken altogether, the twelve concise song-slabs on Pollard’s first album of 2016 make for both an auspicious start to the New Year of Bob and a welcome harbinger of great things to come. Don’t sleep. Seriously. Don’t.

GBV Tour date:
Jun 25: Sled island Festival, Calgary, Canada

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