The Bevis Frond reveal new single ‘My Own Hollywood’ from hotly anticipated double album ‘Little Eden’

Set against the austerity of post-modernism, ‘Little Eden’The Bevis Frond’s new album glows with vintage McCartney-esque couplets; new single ‘My Own Hollywood’ is a stand-out melodic pop gem that perfectly captures the record.

‘Little Eden’  is a psychedelically-hewn panoramic take on modern Britain punctuated with pure pop melodies and beautifully-observed English melancholy that rekindles your love of music – from the harmonies that are oh-so Teenage Fanclub and Lemonheads, to the grunge and awe of Dinosaur Jr

This is an album that yearns for better days signposted by the brutalism of the housing estates that main man Nick Saloman photographed for the cover.

There’s perspective and retrospective tale-spinning where we wait “for the wonderful world to come” (©‘Start Burning’), an imaginary future soundtracked by the spirit of Arthur Lee, brought into focus with witty wordplay (who else could dot in “sarcophagus” but a former Countdown champion?) on songs that are littered with spine tingling guitar breaks.

Just what you want from “the E17 psych guru.” MOJO

Available on Limited Edition ‘Blue’ Gatefold 2LP and Gatefold 2CD.

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The Bevis Frond ‘My Own Hollywood’



Sometimes you might feel like you’re starring in a blockbuster, everything’s going perfectly, you’re attractive, heroic and smart. Then you open your eyes, and guess what? You’re an extra in your own little movie. You haven’t even cast yourself in a starring role. You’re not heroic, you’re not tragic, you’re just the fifth drunk on the left in a bar scene. That’s what the song’s about.

Nick Saloman

The Bevis Frond ‘Little Eden’



A cult favourite


Still mixing pop, punk and psych to giddy effect

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