Throwing Muses ‘Sun Racket’ Press Reactions

As honest, real, intense, and relevant as ever

Under The Radar

★★★★★ Metro

★★★★½ Narc

★★★★ AllMusic

★★★★ Mojo

★★★★ Classic Rock

★★★★ Uncut

★★★★ Record Collector

★★★★ Financial Times

★★★★ Evening Standard

★★★★ Under The Radar

★★★★ Music OMH

★★★★ The Art Desk

★★★★ Riff Magazine

★★★★ Louder Than War

★★★★ Norman Records

★★★★½ New Noise

★★★★½ Indie For Bunnies

★★★★½ Twilight Magazin

★★★★ La Vanguardia

★★★★ Rock Decibels

★★★★ Laut

★★★★ Bayern 2

★★★★ Plattentests

★★★★ Rumore

★★★★★ Stavanger Aftenblad

★★★★ Les Oreilles Curieuses

★★★★ Written in Music

★★★★ Fathipster

★★★★ Me Hace Ruido

“All-enveloping alt-rock, the decisive swing of David Narcizo’s drums and Bernard Georges’ bass makes for a unique underpinning to Kristin Hersh’s buzzsaw guitar and hazy vocals.” Rolling Stone

“Sun Racket has the sense of being poised between the material and the immaterial worlds, one foot in the earthiness of visceral rock music and the other in the magical realm from which springs that rarest of musical gifts: chemistry.” Bandcamp – Album Of The Day

“Kristin Hersh’s tough, instinctive wail, which has been one of the greatest sounds in American underground rock for decades.” Stereogum

“Essential Throwing Muses” Paste

“Throwing Muses power to mesmerize is as potent as ever” AllMusic

“The Muses are back and furious. It’s wonderful.” Metro

“Intense as ever” The Observer

“A resounding and concise restatement of core values” Mojo

“A worthy addition to a formidable canon” Classic Rock

“An inimitable outfit all these years on” Uncut

“Impressive” Record Collector

As intense as everFinancial Times

“Throwing Muses are back” Evening Standard

“Glorious” The Wire

“A stunning return to form” The Quietus

“As sharp and scuzzy as ever.” NME

“As honest, real, intense, and relevant as ever” Under The Radar

“Terrifying and strangely beautiful” Music OMH

“Sun Racket is something special, hallucinatory and primal without feeling forced and laboured.” The Art Desk

“A standout moment in this seminal band’s musical canon” BUST

“A vital resurgence” Riff Magazine

“One of their more approachable and melodic sets” Hi-Fi News

“A wonderful return” Louder Than War

“Thrilling” Norman Records

“A keeper” Elsewhere, by Graham Reid 

“Eindrucksvoll” JungeWelt

“Eine kleine Offenbarung” Bayern 2

“Man hat sie wirklich vermisst” Hamburger Morgenpost

“Richtig spannend” Laut

“Ehrlich und echt” Artnoir

“Ein Album meisterhaft dargebotener Stimmungen” Plattentests

Une grand réussite France Inter, Very Good Trip 

Sublime et désespéré, fantomatique, écrasant, enragé. Dix titres sculptés dans le chagrin pur et authentique d’une bagarreuse au long cours. C’est ce qui impressionne tant chez Hersh, cette capacité à mettre en sons l’indignation, la souffrance, sans pathos et avec justesse.” New Noise

“Sublime” Emission Electrophone

“Ce que la grande musique rock devrait être aujourd’hui” Rock Decibels

“Une pépite dont les écoutes successives révèlent toute la portée” Muzzart

“Sigen ofreciendo algo tan impactante como impenetrable” La Vanguardia

“Atemporal” Mondo Sonoro

Throwing Muses no han perdido su capacidad para atraparte con la música” Ruta 66 

“Uno de los mejores álbumes rockers y alternativos del año. Bravísimo.” Sound & Vision 

Un album classico (…) tutto quello che ha reso il gruppo uno dei piu amati da quando esiste il concetto di indie rock. Rumore

Conciso, diretto, febbrile e bruciante, molto elettrico” Buscadero

“Melodie imprevedibili e liriche surreali” Classic Rock Italia

“Dieci brevi, intense, ispirate trace” Raro

Soddisfacente in ogni singola nota.”  Indie For Bunnies 

“Sun Racket è qualcosa di potente, e al contempo allucinatorio.” Infinite-Jest 

Deilig Stavanger Aftenblad

“Een prima plaat om lekker nostalgisch van te worden.”  Festival Info 

Intrigerend, spannend en mooi”  Written In Music  

“Mooie ongrijpbare liedjes die zich niet zo snel laten doorgronden. Die hebben tijd om te rijpen nodig. En dat is nu precies de kwaliteit van al Hersh’ verschijningsvormen.” Chaos Magazine 

Intense as ever

The Observer