Vanishing Twin announce new album ‘Afternoon X’. Listen to the title track out now

Vanishing Twin furthers their exploration of decidedly experimental territories with new album ‘Afternoon X’  set for release on 6th October on Fire Records.

‘Afternoon X’  encounters Vanishing Twin in the throes of a marked creative shift during which each member took on less defined roles and a more collaborative approach, more like the work of three co-producers than a band. Recorded over the course of late 2022 and early 2023, the album is the product of a series of marathon recording sessions by various configurations of Cathy Lucas, Valentina Magaletti and Susumu Mukai.

Out today first single and title track, ‘Afternoon X’  warns of strange weather and chronic heart trouble over chopped and collaged grooves.

Crafted from a playful balance of humour and rigour, with each member embracing the role of the multi-instrumentalist and process over outcome, ‘Afternoon X’  furthers of trajectory of exploration that has defined their recent releases. Pursuing creative openness and an expanded palette of references and sources, Magaletti’s metronomic, cycling patterns and the pulse of Mukai’s bass lines remain at the core of their sound, but these rooted rhythms now form the groundwork for the pursuit of greater tonal, textural, and structural range.

Initially formed by the singer and multi-instrumentalist, Cathy Lucas, in 2015, following a series of line-up changes, Vanishing Twin is now the tightly honed, London based collective of Lucas, the drummer Valentina Magaletti (Holy Tongue, Tomaga, Moin) and the bassist Susumu Mukai (Zongamin). Harnessing the diverse backgrounds and touchstones of its members – Lucas’ left-field song-craft, Magaletti’s singular approaches to experimental percussion, and Mukai’s long history in the production of electronic music – over nearly a dozen releases since 2016, the band has refined a hypnotic sound at the juncture of minimalism, kosmische, post-punk, and dream-laden, psychedelic pop.

Vanishing Twin embark upon a new multifaceted journey that collectively culminates as the bands most forward-thinking and groundbreaking release to date.

‘Afternoon X’ is out 6th October. Available in Limited Edition White Vinyl + Risograph Print Booklet (Rough Trade Exclusive), Limited Edition White Vinyl (Rough Trade Exclusive), Black Vinyl + Risograph Print Booklet, Black Vinyl & CD.


Vanishing Twin ‘Afternoon X’



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