Yet More Questions From The House (Of Fire)



1 What was the first record you bought and where from? And can you remember the price?


The first album I bought was Marty Robbins’ ‘Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs’. I think I was six years old. I don’t remember the price, but it couldn’t have been much. I was given a bit of money on my birthday, and that’s what I did with it. I no longer have the album, but I still think it’s a good one.


2 What was the record that changed your life and how did it do so?


‘Trout Mask Replica’ is the album I played most often when I was in high school. It was that album and ‘Fun House’. Those albums made me want to get into music. Other albums which made a big impact would be the first Modern Lovers’ album and ‘Philosophy Of The World’ by The Shaggs. I was real pleased that Dot Wiggin asked me to do the cover art of the album she released a couple years ago.


3 What’s your driving playlist and who, if you had the chance would be riding shotgun?


I live in Austin and more often than not I listen to one of the Mexican radio stations. Most popular music on the US stations is not anything I’m interested in.


4 What’s your favourite Elvis song?


My favourite Elvis songs are ‘Blue Moon Of Kentucky’, ‘True Love Travels On A Gravel Road’ and ‘Suspicious Minds’.


5 Who’s your favourite Beatle and why?


‘All Things Must Pass’ is an album I like a lot. I’ll go with George as my favourite Beatle. Ringo did a fine job with ‘Beaucoups Of Blues’, but he also did some disco stuff that I’m not fond of.



6 If you were commissioned to write the theme song for any TV programme what would you choose and how would you tackle it?


I think I could do a good one for Ash Vs Evil Dead. It’s a show I like.


7 Which song have you always wanted to cover but never quite managed yet?


When we had the recording session for ‘Music To Strip By’ we planned to do a cover of ‘Ride A White Swan’. I’m a big fan of T Rex. I think we could do a good version of it.


8 What, after a social evening, is the one album that you insist your fellow socialites should hear before they leave?


NRBQ is my favorite band. It would probably be a NRBQ album.


9 Which film do you wish you’d had a cameo in?


Robert Altman’s movie Popeye would have been fun to be in. It’s one of the best adaptations of a comic strip.


10 In the biopic of your illustrious career who plays you in the movie?


Cate Blanchett did a wonderful job playing Bob Dylan. I think she would be a good choice.


11 If you were on a night out with Ozzy Osbourne where would you suggest you went?


It could be fun going to Karaoke with him. I can’t say that I’m familiar with his music. ‘Iron Man’ is the only song I know.


12 If you were asked to cover a Simon And Garfunkel song in the style of Frank Zappa who would you rope into the band to get it nailed?


I would start with the members of Half Japanese (John Sluggett, Gilles Rieder, Jason Willett, Mick Hobbs) and add Terry Adams and John Zorn.


13 Pete Townshend had pictures of Lily, what did you have on your teenage bedroom wall?


I had egg cartons on my wall to make it more sound proof. My parents never complained about me playing music, but I’m sure they appreciated the things I did to help keep the sound down.


14 Did you ever join a fanclub? If so, tell us about it?


I joined the Linda Blair fan club. I liked her in the Exorcist.


15 What’s your most treasured piece of memorabilia?


I’ve had the same electric guitar for over 30 years. I bought it at a thrift shop in Glasgow and painted a seascape on it. It has boats, fish and a light house. It’s been damaged many times, but still keeps going.


16 What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?


NRBQ is my favourite live band. When I lived in Maryland I would see them any time they had a show in Baltimore or DC. I was able to play saxophone on a song at one of the Baltimore shows. It was a real thrill.


17 Which gig did you wish you’d seen?


I grew up in Michigan and was a huge fan of The Stooges and MC5 when I was in High School and would have loved to have seen them, but I was too young to get into clubs.


18 John Lydon – hero or villain?


I loved The Sex Pistols and Public Image. I saw John Lydon perform a few years back at Primavera and thought he did a fine job. The recent interview he did certainly is polar from my political views. I’m not convinced that he actually meant it. He may have been trying to be controversial.