Marta Del Grandi reveals new single ‘Somebody New’ from new album ‘Until We Fossilize’ out 5th November

Out today, the eclectic Italian-born singer Marta Del Grandi releases new single ‘Somebody New’ taken from her new album ‘Until We Fossilize’ released on November 5th 2021 on Fire Records.
“Somebody New is about growing and changing. While writing that song I wondered if it’s possible for one to find their true identity despite how the others see them and the role they were given. It was inspired by a trip to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, where I learnt about a bird species called the Great Indian Bustard; these birds are on the brink of extinction because of the infrastructures that were built inside their habitat, the desert. Because they fly low, they often get trapped in the electricity wires. This made me think about how the context around us affects what we may become and I wondered if there’s even a chance to be fully ourselves.” Marta Del Grandi

Filled with thoughts and emotions, stories, rumours and beliefs, new album ‘Until We Fossilize’ is an unravelling of time and distance; a self-produced gem filled with life-affirming couplets and dramatic turns over electronic synths, classical structures and ambient soundwaves.

Marta Del Grandi is an award-winning jazz vocalist navigating new territory, crossing borders of genre and style from West Coast ‘60s to ambient exotica, from plaintive Lynchian etherealism to dramatic Morricone scores.

Catch her live with Brigid Mae Power in the UK from late November.

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Marta Del Grandi ‘Someboby New’



Bucolic yet often emotionally complex, her songwriting – patching electronic synths against ambient elements with a touch of modern classical – seems to tap into areas beyond words


Marta Del Grandi ‘Until We Fossilize’



Eerie, beautiful and a little foreboding

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