Modern Studies’ new album ‘We Are There’ is out now

Out today Modern Studies release new album ‘We Are There’

Through the hazy daze of a smoky folk opus, Modern Studies craft rich soundtracks, stuttering Super-8 sketches from a washed-out world of melancholy, hand-tinted and tantalising. Lullaby couplets blossom into gorgeous chamber pop melodies, the drama unfolding behind Emily Scott’s plaintive vocal; part Julie London, part Sandy Denny, a little bit Kate Bush, with a hushed sigh of Joni.

Sweeping strings carry them into unchartered terrain on their new album ‘We Are There’, flying high above their psych-folk roots, it’s an epic journey that’s exquisitely delivered, transcending categories, nodding to Brubeck, Low, Talk Talk, Jim O’Rourke and Pentangle, making music that is ready to cross over in these modern times with songs of substance.

‘We Are There’ is available on LTD Edition Orange Vinyl, Black Vinyl & CD.


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Modern Studies ‘We Are There’



Modern Studies remain poets of the senses... The old mysterious magic is now aligned to a keen pop sensibility

★★★★ UNCUT

A magnificent specimen of lotic psych-pop

★★★★½ AllMusic

A beautiful thing.. a spiralling joy

★★★★ MOJO

Gorgeous.. veering between neo-folk acoustic elements and lysergic psychedelia