Modern Studies release new EP ‘The Body Is A Tide’ the second part to a new two-part EP series

Following the release of critically acclaimed recent album ‘The Weight Of The Sun’, Modern Studies used the time they’d have usually spent touring to create new music, resulting in two new EPs.

Split into two parts but arriving separately, Modern Studies released the first EP ‘Life Flows In Endless Song’ in late 2020 and now comes the release of the second part ‘The Body Is A Tide’.

Based on stray threads and thoughts from this period, Modern Studies reworked these remotely over the turning of seasons from Summer to Autumn last year. The EPs were recorded partly at the Glad Café in Glasgow with Emily Scott and Joe Smillie laying down piano melodies and percussion.

Rob St John added guitars and modular synth, and ‘High Hymn Summers’ came from the processing of an accidental export of each ‘The Weight Of The Sun’ track playing at once.

Inspired by this collaborative process Rob and Emily began writing vocal melodies and collaborating on lyrics whilst Pete Harvey began mixing the new ideas in his Pumpkinfield studio and recording the basslines, cello and musical saw.

‘The Body Is A Tide’ sees Modern Studies treading more ominous darker terrains and is another fine addition to the experimentalists’ expanding catalogue.

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Modern Studies ‘The Body Is A Tide’


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The Body Is A Tide EP is the darker, doomier sibling to the Life Flows in Endless Song EP. It nods at the idea of our collective bodies weathering distant times, played out with massed strings, prepared guitars, slow bass grooves, hypnotic drums and wobbling saw and mellotron.

Modern Studies

Anglo-Scottish quartet Modern Studies make mood music of the highest order, drawing on the members’ collective experience in the folk, pop and improvisational realms.

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There’s a charm within Modern Studies’ DNA which makes them, without fanfare or clamour, one of today’s most mesmerising outfits