Rats On Rafts reveal new single ‘Osaka’ with a music video recorded live as part of the film ‘Visions Of Chapter 3’

Taking inspiration from a brief visit in Osaka touring with Franz Ferdinand, ‘Osaka’ is an awayday with a difference that echoes Robert Smith while we reach a warp speed space rock trajectory. A track from the new album’s outtakes, it’s an anthem for a mighty city and, as tour guides to future hybrid sounds go, Rotterdam’s Rats On Rafts give new meaning to the concept of a “TRIP” advisor.

Vanishing Twin’s new album ‘Ookii Gekkou’ is out this Friday

Vanishing Twin explore new ground on ‘Ookii Gekkou’ incorporating elements of afrofunk, outer jazz and avant-garde, all while referencing Sun Ra to Alice Coltrane, Martin Denny to Morricone, Can’s Holger Czukay to meditative Gamelan, or The Free Design, to library music of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.