More than three years after filming commenced, ‘The Ballad Of Shirley Collins’ is finally close to completion. The team behind the award-winning ‘Way Of The Morris’ bring you the first teaser from their feature-length documentary about this peerless English folk singer. The film combines an exploration of the influences that have helped shape Shirley’s story, alongside her unexpected return to the limelight.

“When we started this journey several years ago, there was no expectation at all that Shirley would ever sing again. What initially attracted us to the project was Shirley’s deep commitment to English folk tradition, and her little-known involvement in arguably the most important field-recording trip of all time; back in 1959 with her then-lover, the iconic ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax. The film was going to be about the past, and about the 30 years she had spent living without the thing she loved most. It’s been an absolute privilege to be with Shirley on this long journey back to her singing again, and along the way, the film has evolved into something we never expected.” – Directors Rob Curry & Tim Plester