Vapour Theories (Bardo Pond’s John and Michael Gibbons) new album ‘Celestial Scuzz’ is out today

Bardo Pond guitarists, brothers John and Michael Gibbons revive their long-term sonic sparring side project Vapour Theories for a genre-shattering new release ‘Celestial Scuzz’.

Marina Allen reveals new album ‘Candlepower’, watch video for ‘Oh, Louise’

Every song on stunning debut album ‘Candlepower’ is a tick box of influences, asides, inspirations, quickfire theories, storylines, and melodic progressions that galvanise a chemical reaction for each dramatic scene that unfolds on this genre-traversing seven song epic.

Modern Studies release new EP ‘The Body Is A Tide’ the second part to a new two-part EP series

New EP sees Modern Studies treading more ominous darker terrains and is another fine addition to the experimentalists’ expanding catalogue